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“Me gusta la gente que sin motivos te busca, que sin mirarte te quiere y sin ataduras se queda”


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Es bonito mientras dura :c

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when i say i hate school it doesn’t mean i hate education and knowledge. it means that i hate selfish and ignorant people there. it means that i hate stress and high expectations. it means that i hate being treated like a shit. it fucking means that i hate feeling like a failure all the time. 

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no really

what is it with calling people oppa and appa and umma and unnie and noona and hoobae and dongsaeng and ahjussi and ahjumma

if you’re not korean

and the person you’re talking to isn’t korean

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Curiosidades ilustradas:





Ocupando una pagina entera con este post :3

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Women and men should both know how to cook because neither feminism nor sexism are going to do shit for you when you’re hungry.

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this elevator does not go up or down it goes isosceles triangle and left


this elevator does not go up or down it goes isosceles triangle and left

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I don’t friend zone people, I relationship zone them. You wanna be my friend? Too bad, we’re dating.

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「小鹿’s mv closeups through the eras」

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Reblog if you were born in the 90’s & you still don’t have a baby.




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